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A walk through the greek neighborhood of Kolonaki, and a whole summer to unleash our dreams. Neoclassical and modernist, catwalk of styles that defy passing fashions.

Lights, shadows, colors and smells that inspire sketches that we will give back. Determined to create a universe where haste has no place, in which to enjoy the small things that make possible great moments.


Collections full of nostalgia, romantic and vintage-inspired. Unique pieces and small treasures that will last forever and with which you will continue to feel identified over the years.

The simple and sincere beauty lasts in any context.

Based in Madrid

We learn from the masters of sewing and architecture who understood the beauty of shapes and the sensuality of textures.

Madrid, its tradition and its avant-garde, inspire our creative process.

Honest fashion

At Kolonaki, we feel a deep passion for good work, but without forgetting the importance of being. Be honest, sincere and close to the people who make our garments.

We love what we do and, therefore, those people who help us every day to make it possible. For this, we take the time necessary to respect the fair work processes.

Tradition and vanguard

From Kolonaki, we want to recover and value the traditional production process in which importance is given to the smallest detail.

In the design of our garments, we work hand in hand with seamstresses and tailors with extensive experience to reinvent classic patterns, where no measure was left to chance and, thus, adapt them to new silhouettes and to the possibilities offered by the current fabrics of the highest qualities.


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