Divine decadence


Time forgot to go there, to visit the protagonists of our inspiration. The regret of the passing of eternal days, the nature of the island, the brightness of better times past, the solitude of the soul. Little and Big Edie lived their way, like free spirits, and wild. Two great protagonists who live as they want to live and be. Pure fashion inspiring from major paper icon fashion publishers and now inspiring Kolonaki’s Divine Decadence collection.
A meeting point between the past and the present that recreates a universe where haste has no place, where to delight in the details that make great fashion pieces possible.
Inspired by the art of dressing of these two American socialites, Divine decadence collects the witness of the passing of time updated, an allegation to the good feminine dress of before that impregnates garments with updated personality and patterns.
Cloth kilts that fit snugly over the feminine silhouette, loden-type woolen cloths transformed into layers of coats, hand-woven angora hoods, delicate cottons in vintage dresses, sophistication and glamor in midnight blue tulle … all garments from the Kolonaki universe in Divine Decadence breathe the shine of the luxury of yesteryear, today renewed and personified in many details that remind us and will always remember the indomitable spirit, strength and personality of the protagonists of Gray Gardens.