The Palm’s trees smile

Our Spring Summer 2020 collection is inspired by the Indianos who migrated to American lands at the end of the last century and the beginning of this one and how they influenced Asturias, not only on a cultural level but also in the way they dressed. All the garments in the collection are named after Asturian mansions that the indianos built on their return in their villages of origin, as a symbol of the wealth they had generated.
Almost all of them have something in common, the majesty of the palm trees planted in their gardens as a symbol of the place where they had seen their fortunes grow; Mexico, Cuba or Puerto Rico.
“Summer, a trip to the past, to the family house located in the north of Asturias, where you can find treasures and memories. Clothes to rescue from old trunks, characteristic of Indian clothing.”
The set of garments created for this season draws a sophisticated, elegant, determined and very feminine woman. Kolonaki SS20 is an ode to the way of dressing and a nod to the aesthetics of the Indians, who contributed definitively to introduce new trends in the Spain of the beginning of the century in general and in Asturias in particular.
Linen suits, wide pants and guayaberas. Dresses made with delicate cotton fabrics finished with lace and lace. In short, garments that breathe the brilliance of the luxury of yesteryear and that Kolonaki reinvents to move us to a unique time.
A collection meeting point between the past and the present. Designs that recreate a universe where haste has no place, where the delight with details makes it possible to discover quality garments, enriching the style of women in all their facets of clothing.