Trini and José Luis

Trini and José Luis are a married couple from Sabariz. Thanks to a large harvest of corn cobs and pumpkins, his horréo became one of the best known in Asturias: “We started to put the panoyas one year when there was a lot of harvest and, as we didn’t know where to put them, I said, let’s put them here in the hórreo, because that’s how they dry and decorate the horréo – says Trini.

Soon after, that same year, the couple collected such a quantity of pumpkins that it was impossible to store all of them in the horréo; So, they decided to give the surplus to a neighbor, filling an entire tractor with pumpkins.

From this moment on, the horrèo acquires an increasingly beautiful and picturesque aspect, attracting the attention of all passers-by: “And as we saw that the neighbors liked it very much, every year we put more and more… and, as cars stopped to see it, well with this we continue…, until now that we can’t take it anymore and we stop”- says the couple.

Thus, the horréo de A Casìa, the name traditionally given in Sabarìz to the house of Trini and José Luis, has gained such fame that it is currently geolocated as a tourist attraction by the web search engine of a famous technology company, and appears as “Hórréo de Sabarìz”.

Corn on the cob and pumpkins in the Trini and José Luis hórreo

Green Telo hat

José Luis wearing the green Telo hat and a the camel Isobel coat

Trini wearing the beige Nara scarf and the green Isobel coat

Jose Luis wearing the green Telo hat, the indigo Radis jeans, the beige Veda sweater and the Mai loafers and Trini wearing the beige Nara scarf, the Gala shirt, the black Mela jacket and the Roy loafers

In this photograph Trini wears the black mela jacket, the floral Gala shirt and the beige Nara scarf

Black Mela Jacket & Gala Shirt

José Luis wearing the beige Veda cable sweater over his shoulder

Roy loafers in white color


PHOTO: Borja de la Lama